Sunday, September 1, 2013

Hello fellow CF blog followers!  Last couple of weeks have been busy with training for the big hike.  My co CF soul sister hiker Fred Douglas and I hiked yesterday 15 miles at Pocahontas State Park on the Fendley Station Trail.  This trail was nothing in comparison to what we've been hiking over the last three months, but still had a few small challenges.  The heat and humidity were unbeatable and the bugs were bothersome, thank God for bug spray.  Good hike for distance but not very strenuous in terms of hills and terrain.  Pretty much a flat trail through the woods.  One area by the dam which has hikers to cross a stream leave no other way to get a cross except to jump and wade across ankle deep.  And I got caught taking care of nature by another hiker yep with all my angel white hanging out, but what are you going to do when you gotta go you gotta go!  None the less for some reason I am very sore today and exhausted.  Only a couple of blisters on the feet, which will heal.  Next week is our next extreme conditioning hike near Roanoke, this one will be 19miles.  Not sure Ill be making this one or not.  Will be an all weekend deal and will have to leave work early and just not sure I will be able to do that.  Here are a few photos from yesterday's hike.