Saturday, July 13, 2013

Today was our second conditioning hike.  We all met at the Humpback rocks visitor center on the Blue Ridge Parkway in Afton, Va.  Today's team was made up of 14 hikers, all eager to support our common goal to go the distance for CF!  I have to say we have a great group of people who are very nice.  Started out with a little rain but it blow out and stayed over cast which was good, even though the humidity wasn't very forgiving.  The hike started out with a small climb but leveled out with beautiful green trails  Todd Bain and I came across a very tiny forest friend, the baby orange lizard!  We made Great time on the gradually declining mountain paths and once to the bottom we came across a glorious little stream with a hikers shelter just on the other side settled up on a small incline facing the stream.  However, as any hiker knows no matter how enjoyable the hike down eventually you have to hike back up.  it was a pretty steady climb back up but in taking the longer route it also included a lot of steep rock climbing and slowed us down as the trails were very wet with all the rain of late.  Please enjoy the photos and share if you like!  And if you want to join our hiking adventures please contact LaDonna Austin at

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